Luxury apartments in the property

On the fabulous island of Phuket

Being a co-owner of the hotel is now easier than sending SMS

It is a reality.

Like this

A timeshare or tenure is the purchase of a period of multiple weeks of using a house, apartment, or other property located at a resort with various amenities that may include staff services, a pool, bar, restaurant, and more.


What i have

Ownership of the property makes the holiday accessible to everyone, everyone who would like to have a property in the resort area, but could not afford it, or does not plan to invest significant amounts in real estate, which is used rarely.


What gives

Part of the hotel in the ATH token. Gather a week or a whole apartment, unite with other investors. Own, rent, exchange to other resorts, make a profit, sell and buy instantly, safely and profitably.



Club membership will give you the right to add your week off to a vacation exchange program and book the same week at your home resort at another time, or choose a week at a completely different resort.

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